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John accidentally saying ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘brilliant’ when Sherlock is making deductions and Sherlock doing the blinking thing he did when John asked him to be the best man and Lastrade just smiling really smugly as he watched

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Always thought that John's worry over Sherlock's name being smeared by the media in TRF was due to basic empathy, but just realized there's more to it-- He's seen it done before, with another good friend who was destroyed by the media, who became a complete recluse, whose only interaction with people now are getting death threats from them. He knows someone who has never recovered from being publicly torn to shreds the way like that, and doesn't want to see it happen again.




i bet sherlock has to stop deleting “extraneous” non-urban animal breeds because of that time he called a deer a weird dog and john fell to the ground wheezing

Benedict Cumberbatch, 2014 Toronto International Film Festival Portraits by Maarten de Boer