This is basically a blog about whatever fandoms I happen to be absolutely obsessed with at the time. My current line up includes Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Hannibal. Also, lots of much Benedict...and johnlock...



john can’t have sex with sherlock unless they’re facing each other because looking at sherlock’s back hurts him too much, seeing all the scars sherlock acquired during the two years and knowing that sherlock was suffering for john. he’s thankful of course but he can’t help but feel bad. one day sherlock asks why and john finally admits, so sherlock pulls off John’s jumper and traces his calloused fingertips over John’s scars and says “we match now”



  • John hits on sherlock and is turned down and is like “ok no totally cool and amazing adventures…this is still amazing! I am so happy. I adore you.”
  • Sherlock introduces John as his friend and gets corrected. “oh ok…he’s not my friend”
  • AGES LATER John says “I’m just your friend” and sherlock is like “yeah you are…my only friend”
  • meanwhile there has been no mention of sherlock being anything to john in return because establishing that john is sherlock’s friend alone has taken five episodes of work
  • finally six episode’s in john says “he’s my friend” to sherlock’s dead body and calls sherlock his best friend but sherlock doesn’t get to hear
  • sherlock further creates doubt in terms of how important john is to him by keeping him in the dark for two years and playing a french waiter
  • john sure as hell doesn’t think there is the possibility of anything else between them when sherlock doesn’t even care enough to tell him he’s alive
  • regardless of all of this john tells him he loves and cares about him and that he’s his best friend because he never said it before 
  • Sherlock was already prepared to die for John but now has actual reason and ammunition for it because he’s not just a friend or an acquaintance: HE IS JOHN’S BEST FRIEND