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how the fuck did i get so invested in jarene? they were barely in the same episode 

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"lester have you been a bad boy" - a line actually spoken to martin freeman


jarene fairytale au

while irene is a very aristocratic and exilted crown princess janine is simply a cook in the castle but everytime she prepares food for the princess she puts small flower petals on the plate and makes it extra pretty because she’s been in love with irene since she started working there, and one day irene wants to know who’s making her dishes so lovely and searches for janine and when she finds her, floury and rosy cheeked in the kitchen, she says: “janine, is that your name? you always make my meals so exquisitely beautiful. i would like to ingest the dinner in the glory of your company, if you don’t mind.”


John would use endearments all the time, he would be like “Good morning love” and “That’s good love” and Sherlock would blush and John would pepper his neck with kisses. 

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sherlock totally overusing the term “my husband” after their wedding because he feels so proud and blessed and he can’t keep it inside 

"Yes Lestrade, I am here, with my husband, John Watson. My Husband. At the crime scene. With John. My husband."