This is basically a blog about whatever fandoms I happen to be absolutely obsessed with at the time. My current line up includes Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Hannibal. Also, lots of much Benedict...and johnlock...



sherlock in s1 is like ‘i cannot shed one tear.’ and then sherlock in s3 is like ‘im cryin at a wedding. im cryin on a plane. im cryin all alone. im cryin on john’s chair. i’m cryin everywhere.’ 


sherlock setting up cluedo like ‘the game is on, john!’ and then shooting the board and screaming ‘THE GAME IS FUCKING OFF, JOHN.’ when he loses


i have a headcanon that sherlock is a wonderful artist. and before he meets john, he makes money on the side by providing beautifully detailed technical drawings to museums to display with their exhibits. but after he meets john, he begins to draw only the man. he fills sketchbooks with graphite images of his figure, covers canvases in the colours of his eyes and hair, and lets ink flow over pages to create the man’s face. john becomes his muse, and the longer he goes on capturing the man however artistically possible, the harder it becomes to hide what he is doing. and eventually, when john finds sherlock’s hidden collection of artworks of him, he is blown away by not only his flatmate’s talent, but by the fact that he is so entranced by little old him. and that is when he first starts falling for sherlock.


John Barrowman talks about meeting Benedict Cumberbatch at San Diego Comic Con 2014


Season #3:  All of  the on screen moments we see of John and Mary alone in their apartment. 
Being a couple.